Sunday, September 9, 2012

Speakers, Recap and Other Important Events!

With upwards of 60 members in attendance, Tea Time's first meeting of the semester was an unbelievable success. So many new faces, so eager to dive right into things, things are shaping up to be an eventful semester.

And by eventful, I mean seriously full of events. It's only the first week and we've already booked three speakers (with more on the way), begun our T-Shirt competition (rules to come in a follow-up post), and announced two huge networking opportunities for the near future.

Who are these speakers, you ask?

We're kicking off the semester right with the return of 
Pixar's own Mike Makarewicz! 

Wednesday, September 12th at 7:30pm in the 79 NM theater.

For those who managed to make it out to his last lecture, they will know this is an event you do not want to miss. You can find the notes from his last presentation here.

Also coming up, we will be hosting AAU's own Bernardo Warman, and Fabian Molina, more on that a little later.

What are these networking opportunities, you say?

One of the biggest events of the fall semester would have to be the Creative Talent Network's Animation Exposition (CTNX). Each year, the school generally helps us get appropriate transportation to/from the event, but the rest is up to us! You can find the general who, what, where, why about the conference in last year's post. Keep in mind not ALL of that info is accurate. This year the conference will be held from November 16-18 in Burbank, CA. Find all of the info including speakers, where to stay and general FAQ about the event at their homepage.

The other big networking she-bang is through Reel Feedback. The date is tentatively set for October 18, with the location TBA. More details later. I'm sure you'll hear more about it in club, but we'd encourage you to check out their homepage. Questions? Check out the last Reel Feedback event post here where I've answered some things 'FWA'.

Along with all of these exciting announcements, we also did a quick recap of the principles that we discussed in-depth last semester. I know we breezed through things pretty fast for some of our newer members. Find our full definitions here. (I'd definitely recommend reviewing them before Mike's lecture this week)

Finally, for those who were interested, we're accepting applications to fill an open slot on our board. Simply submit a letter of intent letting us know why you think you would make a good addition to the team to

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