Friday, March 27, 2015

Mike Makarewicz Demo and Lecture II - Eyes

II. Get it? Two "eyes". I'll see myself out now...

This semester Tea Time has been super fortunate to have Mike come back to give a second lecture! Not only was this a second lecture but this was a brand new lecture that Mike has been preparing and we were some of the first to hear it. The lecture lasted for two hours where we learned about animating eyes, blinks, darts, and eye shapes in how they convey emotion and thought process. 

I've warned that if you missed it you're out of luck as there won't be a detailed write up this time. However, don't worry as it's not the end of the world. Mike teaches his lectures at Animation Collaborative along with other current industry professionals.

The start date will be May 14th to avoid overlapping AAU's schedule. Registration for Animation Demo & Lecture will be open until April 27th! Just send an email to letting them know that you are a Tea Timer and they will apply the discount!

Happy animating!

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