Friday, October 28, 2011

CTN Update: Don't forget to book your accommodations!

For those of you who were planning on coming out to CTN, but who had not yet booked a hotel room, it's time to step your game up.

Keaton and I finally got our own act together last night, giving the conference center hotel (the Airport Marriott, Burbank) a call to book a room, and managed to score the LAST one (according to the receptionist) that was available for both nights (Nov. 18th and 19th). She did mention that there were four or so available the night of the 19th only, but it seems as though anyone looking to book past this point will be at a neighbouring facility -- bummer!

That being said, if you are planning on booking past this point, it might be pertinent to check with the Marriott anyways, on the off chance there have been any cancellations. Additionally, whenever you do decide to make the call, do ensure that you actually make a call. Often, during conferences and the like, hotels will have set aside a number of rooms specifically for attendees, and this usually means discounts and things associated with such that won't be available if you book online.

If the Marriott does happen to be full, then it's a nice idea to go online. If you try to book via the Marriott website, once the hotel is full, it will provide you with a list of hotels that are available, how far they are from the Marriott, and the pricing of the alternate rooms -- good deal!

It's a bummer to not be at the actual conference center for the event, but don't think that means it isn't worth coming! Make sure you get on top of things and book asap.

Good luck!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Clean Team!

In case you weren't aware, each year, AAU clubs that wish to be provided with any sort of budget are required to partake in community service activities.

Thus, this weekend, Lana, as well as a few other animators, found themselves helping out at San Francisco's 'Clean Team' event. Anyone who wished to go met at one of the designated pick up locations (One of three Academy Housing Facilities) at 8:30am where an academy shuttle took them out to the event.

Upon arrival, all the volunteers were given the proper equipment - vests, gloves, tools, etc - and went to go beautify the neighbourhood. Although the activities generally vary, this week those participating were working on Monterey street medians removing old mulch, planting new flowers and things, laying down irrigation line and then coating the remaining space with new mulch. Volunteers were provided with coffee and breakfast treats in the morning, and lunch after their day was done. They were back at the Academy by 12:30pm.

If you are interested in giving back to your local community while simultaneously giving your local animation club some dolla' dolla' bills that go towards helping and/or entertaining you,  don't hesitate to e-mail us, or keep a watchful eye here for more information! The next community service opportunity is at the San Francisco Food Bank!

Thanks to everyone who came out!

Friday, October 14, 2011


The Campus Life Office is now the one-stop shop for 
CTN bus reservation and payment!

The office is located in the Basement of Howard Brodie @ 655 Sutter Street. 

Go during business hours (approximately 9am - 5pm) and ask the lovely host at the front desk where the campus life office is.  They will take your ID and direct you downstairs.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

A Change of Face

Beyond our usual critique and some more droning on about CTN, those of us that happened to find ourselves at club yesterday managed to discuss a fairly important topic that would affect the whole club. Namely, the name!

The animation club leaders have been collaborating with Campus Life and Leadership trying to further establish a  more concrete identity for ourselves as an organization. This calls for branding, and a complete face-lift for our online community (yeah, we don't like the blog design either). To begin this process, however, we decided that in order to create a solid name for ourselves...we had to create a solid name for ourselves...Nothing screams "bland" (albeit so succinct) like "AAU Animation Club".

Although in the end, it's going to be an executive decision, we would like to hear a little input as to how our club-goers would like to be portrayed/

Some insanely bad-ass idea for a sweet, sweet name? (Remember: It doesn't specifically have to say 'Animation' in the name.)

Don't hesitate to contact us with your thoughts via e-mail (, or simply comment on this very post. Note: Due to time constraints, if you post later than Monday, October 3rd, your voice may not be heard! Post early if you've got something to say.

Have a great weekend!