Monday, July 13, 2009

Tea Time Animation Club

The goal of Tea Time is to bring together current animation students and Alumni to discuss industry and department related news and concerns, facilitate lectures by guest speakers, nurture communication between the student body and the Animation Department and finally, to provide an opportunity for peer-to-peer critique. We are a networking resource for the student community.

Tea Time meets on Fridays at 3:30pm in room 349 of 180 New Montgomery. On top of the company you want and the critique you need, it's customary that we provide hot beverages and snacks to enjoy while you're with us. After all, it is Tea Time! If you'd like a more in-depth look at what Tea Time is all about, please feel free to tune in to this recording of our online informational session with some of our staff!

What should I Bring? 

Well...yourself! Everything else is optional. That being said, we strongly encourage all Tea Time members to participate in group critique, thus, you should also bring some work! For animated pieces Quicktime files only, please! You also may want to bring a pen and paper for note taking, and, needless to say, a good attitude.

Want more? Feel free to join our brand new Facebook group! This is your opportunity to have a greater voice within our club. Post about anything -- Need critique? Find a cool blog? Have a helpful animating tip? Post it on the Facebook. Share, learn and hear up-to-date information on the comings and goings of Tea Time members. It's the perfect place to hear about any and all upcoming events, while having regular access your peers that you may not usually get in between classes.

Finally, Community Clean Team events happen every month. The animation club takes pride in giving back to our local and global community. For dates and pick-up locations, as well as any additional club updates, please follow to this blog. 


  1. sounds like a great idea, especially after so many good instructors have left the academy.

  2. How would an on-line student become part of the Tea Time Animation club?

    1. Well first things first I would advise joining our facebook page! You can find us at OR just search with the keywords "Tea Time Animation Club".

      Our facebook page is your venue to connect with all Tea Time members -- alumni, on campus, as well as other online students. Here is where you can feel free to introduce yourself, post your thoughts as well as your work for some peer to peer critique.

      Other than that, make sure you follow this blog. The blog is the formal venue where we will post about everything that happens IN club, as well as summaries of every guest lecture and important tutorials that might help you along.

      FINALLY (sorry I know this is a lot at once) we will be having an online chat session in early April. The info should be on your online login homepage. :)

      If you have a question -- or a suggestion, even, for something you'd like to see -- feel free to reach out to us via e-mail at (or simply comment here)

  3. The Online chat with the Tea Time board was great! View it here:

  4. Hi! I just found this site online and it looks great. I have joined the facebook group but I'm wondering is this for anyone to join? It seems strongly affiliated with AAU, and not being an AAU student myself, wanted to make sure it's not just for academy students :)

    1. Hi, Anonymous!

      Glad you're enjoying us so far. Allow me to clear up a few things for you:

      While we have strong ties to the Academy, we are NOT an AAU organization. AAU is simply our first-launched chapter, and so most of our students come from there. As Tea Time is currently highly-saturated with AAU students, you probably see that we post mostly about Bay Area comings and goings. As we progress, we hope that to change.

      Currently in the process of trying to launch 3 new Chapters across North America by the end of 2016 -- in the mean time our forum and various social media pages are most definitely there for everyone to enjoy. Please don't be shy to introduce yourself! Say hello, tell us where you're from. Looking forward to seeing you around!


      --Lana B