Wednesday, December 30, 2009

New Animation Club Meeting Time

Happy Holidays Club!

School session will be starting up again in February and there has been some interest in changing the Animation Club Meeting time to a different day of the week.

We currently meet Wednesdays at 12:30pm, but it has been suggested by several members that we change the day to Friday and possibly change the time as well.

We thought the best way to decide would be to put it to a vote on the Blog. Please vote for the day that would work best for you and once that's decided, we will pick the time of day.

We will make an announcement on the blog ahead of time as to when our first meeting of the semester will be, which may be the second week of the Spring semester.

For now, please vote in the poll and comment below about what day and time you would prefer to meet for Animation Club.

Monday, December 28, 2009

Genericwalk, Just started to learn animation, need some critique :P . I can't seems to get rid the pops of the knees..

*posted a new link just in case the video doesn't work

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Rc car with Antenna!

Hello! Please critique my new animation exercise Antenna study. 

Rc car with Antenna! perspective from Andrei Radacina on Vimeo.

Rc car with Antenna! Side. from Andrei Radacina on Vimeo.

Please critique the braking joins and the vibration!

Best regards,

Andrei ( 

Friday, December 4, 2009

Ball, squash and stretch!

Hello this is one of my exercise Ball bounce with squash and stretch.

Ball, squash and stretch. from Andrei Radacina on Vimeo.

Please critique the space and the timing, squashing and streching.

Best regards,


Online Club Critique login

ONLINE Club Critique:

If you would like to post your animation (or animation related work) up on the blog for critique, login with: AAUcritique

Password: Critique

Once logged in, Create a New Post and upload the video file of your animation (or other file type, depending on the work) and ask for the type of critique or feedback you are looking for.


Join us TODAY at MORGAN AUDITORIUM, 5PM for the Fall Animation Festival. There's a widely anticipated intro. animation, Special guest Nik Ranieri, and great submissions from your fellow classmates.

Come check out the Fall animation scene.

At 491 POST, cross street Mason.

Kyle Balda: A "Broad Strokes" 10 minute tutorial on YouTube

Reel Inspiration and Reference Post


People in lab are talking about these great reels!

Check out Travis Tohill's reel


Check out this Muybridge-like video reference on Bodies In Motion Image Library page.

He has uploaded some great free content and the rest you can subscribe to.