Thursday, December 10, 2009

Rc car with Antenna!

Hello! Please critique my new animation exercise Antenna study. 

Rc car with Antenna! perspective from Andrei Radacina on Vimeo.

Rc car with Antenna! Side. from Andrei Radacina on Vimeo.

Please critique the braking joins and the vibration!

Best regards,

Andrei ( 


  1. Hi, one major problem I see is that the antennae continues to increase in drag after the car has already stopped accelerating. You need to have the antennae ease out of the drag earlier in conjunction with the deceleration of the car in which case you would need to reduce the arc of the vibration. Your other option is to keep the antennae movement the same but have the car speed up all the way until the end where you can have it hit an obstacle so that you can have it stop instantaneously. The drag and the vibration would make a little more sense in that case, but you would probably still need to add some more ease out before you start the vibration.

  2. Remember it's the movement of the car that drives the movement of the antenna. Same goes for the stopping of the car.