Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Clean Team!

In case you weren't aware, each year, AAU clubs that wish to be provided with any sort of budget are required to partake in community service activities.

Thus, this weekend, Lana, as well as a few other animators, found themselves helping out at San Francisco's 'Clean Team' event. Anyone who wished to go met at one of the designated pick up locations (One of three Academy Housing Facilities) at 8:30am where an academy shuttle took them out to the event.

Upon arrival, all the volunteers were given the proper equipment - vests, gloves, tools, etc - and went to go beautify the neighbourhood. Although the activities generally vary, this week those participating were working on Monterey street medians removing old mulch, planting new flowers and things, laying down irrigation line and then coating the remaining space with new mulch. Volunteers were provided with coffee and breakfast treats in the morning, and lunch after their day was done. They were back at the Academy by 12:30pm.

If you are interested in giving back to your local community while simultaneously giving your local animation club some dolla' dolla' bills that go towards helping and/or entertaining you,  don't hesitate to e-mail us, or keep a watchful eye here for more information! The next community service opportunity is at the San Francisco Food Bank!

Thanks to everyone who came out!

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