Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Reel Feedback = REAL feedback

This semester, one of the hot topics of conversation has been our lack of a curriculum with any sort of backbone. Solid critique isn't always easy to come by -- something we try and remedy at club meetings, but the fact stands that we simply aren't professionals. Sure there are things like the Pixar classes, but there is limited space available, so not everyone has access to opinions coming straight from that proverbial horses mouth.

Thank goodness for some fellows from Tippett Studio and Massive Black! This semester's Reel Feedback event is going to be hosted on March 29th from 7-10pm at Lanesplitters Pizza in Emeryville. You can see the full event info by clicking the picture, it's a link.

Things Frequently Whined About:

"But I don't have anything that's GOOD enough!"
Nonsense -- There's no set bar for showing work, and besides, if you truly feel that way, if don't show your work to anyone, you'll never make it better. There's no better time to start.

"But I don't have ENOUGH work to show them!"
Also nonsense -- Even if you showed up with just one piece that was three seconds long, this is still an an opportunity to make it that much better. It's also the perfect time to ask questions, i.e: "what other kind of work do you think I should have in a reel if I wanted to apply to x, y or z?

"But seriously, I don't have ANY finished work to show them!"
That's fine too! I'm sure they'd help you with your WIP. That being said, beyond anything else, even if you don't end up showing anything to anyone, you should still come to the event! It's an excellent networking opportunity.  There are animators there from the animation collaborative, online animation schools, other animation schools in the city and people who are entirely self-taught, so you can finally branch out to people outside of the academy. Plus, it's nice to support your friends.

"But it's so far away!"
Don't be so lazy, it's worth the trek, trust me. Also, because we're a club, just like we did with Fantasia, it's the perfect opportunity to actually meet before hand and all scoot over there together. It's a little sketch when you first get off the train, so it's nice to have safety in numbers anyways.

Long story short, stop whining -- you'll thank me later! I know it's a ways out, yet, but I hope to see you there. This is your chance for some quality critique on your work. Come, enjoy some pizza, some beer and some good company.

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  1. I'm thinking about driving up there. I've never been to San Fransisco but would like something to do during the day (or two) I may be in town. I wouldn't want to do touristy stuff. If there was someone I could offer lunch too and talk animation stuff ally with a complete stranger that would be fun.