Sunday, February 19, 2012

A Message From Andy Wood

This is for anyone interested in writing for Junior Giants, 2013:

This information will help you develop a pitch for JRG2013. I've linked two documents below. One is a description from the client of what they'd like to emphasize in the film. The other is the overall description of the Junior Giants Program, from the client. 

Please note that the most important thing to them is their "Bases of Characteristics", and story tends to come second. Here are some things to think about when constructing the pitch.
  • The piece should still use the same four existing characters from the previous JRG projects (Mikey, Luisa, Brad and Vince). 
  • The piece should have a run time of no longer than 6 minutes (AKA Don't think feature, think short). 
  • Remember, we aren't a full-fledged studio. We don't have an exhaustive amount of resources. Your story shouldn't be the next Avatar. 
  • Your pitch should be no longer than 5 minutes, and shouldn't be more than a page of synopsis. It's just an idea and rough layout at this point. 
  • The client is very visual; They like to see things. Sketches of major plot points / new characters before you come in would be a good idea... 
I'm also including the final video from 2010 (Not the greatest piece of work) and the animatic from 2012 (soon to be a work of art!).

All pitches are due this Monday, February 20 for review from Chris Armstrong and Shaun. Mark Droste, the Director of JRG2012 and myself are also available to give feedback. The Client Presentation will be on Wednesday, February 22, at 10:30 AM.

Remember, keep it short and simple. They don't want to see storyboards or animatics. They want a synopsis of your story idea and maybe a few sketches. They'll develop the script they like with the writer.

Thanks, and I look forward to seeing your ideas!

Andy Wood
AAU Animation Producer

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