Sunday, September 9, 2012

The Great Tea Time T-Shirt Design Competition!

Pick up your assets here!

Rules are as follows:

1. Everyone has the opportunity to design a shirt.
2. Design may only use a maximum of three colors - not including the shirt color.
3. Must be Tea Time influenced! Please use any/all of the following:
        Tea Time logo
        Slogan - "The only way to spend your Tea Time"
        Colors - White, grey, browns, blues (including all shades/tints)
        Acceptable typefaces - Engebrechtre Bold, Futura Condensed Medium, Rockwell.

4. Submissions are to be sent to before September 28th where they will be collected and then posted anonymously to Facebook.
5. Voting will be determined by Facebook "likes" over a TBD amount of time. Remember to only vote for ONE shirt, otherwise your other votes will not be counted.
6. All designs are to remain anonymous until the end of the competition.

The winner will receive special recognition of them and their work on the blog and facebook group, as well as receiving their shirt free.

Feel free to comment or e-mail any questions to

Good luck!

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