Monday, February 1, 2010

New Semester & New Club Meeting Time

Welcome back Club! Here's the new news:

NEW Club Meeting Time and Day
Based on the poll we took, the majority of people would like to have the club meetings on Fridays. So we have reserved the midpoint meeting room on the 3rd floor of the 180 bldg. for Fridays, from 12:00-1:00pm.

We have reserved this time of day, so that our meetings will not interfere with finals, midpoint or final review schedules. We'll see how the time and day change goes and we can adjust the time, if need be.

Collaborative Projects: available for school credit and for those interested in volunteering.
"One So Young" and "Junior Giants" are two student collaborative projects going on at the Academy right now that are open to students who would like collaborative experience and/or would like to work on the collaborative for school credit. Watch out for fliers posted on the bulletin boards for more info, or go see Chris Armstrong on the 3rd floor of 180 bldg. for more details.

Guest Speakers, Demos and Workshop Q/A
This February is a slow month for some of our friends in the industry who have graciously offered their time to show and tell us a thing or two about animation. We look forward to arranging one or two guest speakers this month. We'll keep you posted once we've confirmed the dates and times. Be sure to check the blog for updates!


  1. I'd like to start coming to the club, but I currently have a class from 12 to 2:50 on friday. Any way we could have a vote on the meeting time as well?

  2. Although the lunch hour tends to work best, we can definitely have a vote on meeting times. Comment with your preferred time! :)