Sunday, February 28, 2010

Guest Speaker this Friday 8:30pm, Jean-Denis Haas

Wow guys! We had a great turn out for last week's guest speaker, Michal Makarewicz. Thank you for coming out and we hope you all took something away from that event that helped you.

This Friday, Jean-Denis Hass, "JD" will be coming to talk to tell us a bit about himself and about animation. JD is a former AAU instructor and is an animator at ILM. The lecture will start at 8:30pm. Room TBA. Keep posted for Updates!

People at last week's event had some requests for Storyboard and Rigging guest speakers and the Club is going to get right on that.

Keep in mind that this group is about us students, pooling our efforts and resources to help each other. All the events, meetings and trips are ideas that people in the club wanted to do and we made the effort to get school resources and friends behind it to make it happen. So the direction of the club and its events are up to you as much as they are up to the people who posts these updates. Come to the meetings, post to the blog, speak up and we'll all listen and work together to help get the most out of our time at the Academy.

If you have a class during our Friday meeting times, you can always step out of class for a quick bathroom break and swing by the meeting to pop in quickly for some feedback or just to see what's happening. You can also post to the blog through the critique login to ask questions or get feedback.

ASIFA-SF recently screened the 5 Oscar nominated animation shorts over at Dolby Labs. It was a great animation community event and a rare opportunity to see the shorts as well as meet some of the creators and hear them talk about their work. Don't miss out on future events like this. The event was free with membership to ASIFA! Join ASIFA now.

Link: Animation World Network, Oscar Tour Travelogue
"Follow the animated short film Oscar Nominees annual big studio screening and schmoozing tour. This annual tour, founded and coordinated by AWN's president Ron Diamond, is an animation industry star studded extravaganza. Various editors, lead by AWN's Content Director Rick DeMott, have chronicled the tour since 2007 as they've journeyed to Disney, Dreamworks, Sony Imageworks, ILM, PDI to name a few."


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  2. Don't come if you're easily offended or discouraged! ;)

    Oh, and Bernie will hand out Twix to everybody.