Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Guest Speaker this Friday 8:30pm, Michal Makarewicz.

Our second guest speaker of the year, Michal Makarewicz. He is an AAU grad and Animator at Pixar.

Michal will be coming to the Academy to talk to the Animation Club about his experience at school and Pixar. He will also be talking about some shots he's worked on as well as doing a short demo of his workflow approach, using an exercise like a head turn, or short dialogue clip.

The club will be meeting for this guest speaker event this Friday at 8:30pm. Room TBA shortly.

We're going to try to have this event in the 79 theater, but if not, it will be at the 180 building in a large classroom.

Watch for updates and join us for another great talk on Friday!

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  1. I just wanted to thank Michael, once again, for the invaluable lessons he imparted with us last night. And thank everyone who helped organize the event last night. It was truly inspirational.