Sunday, August 2, 2009

Norman Mod. Library Discussion

Hi All,

Now that we've got a bit of a following, it seems like a good time to create a discussion post for those who want to share their thoughts on contributing to a Norman Mod. Library at the Academy.

Please post all "Norman Mod Library" related comments here.

The main idea behind the discussion is this:

Whether or not Academy of Art students would like to have a shared library of Norman Mods.

We have set up a poll to gauge interest in starting a library, based on whether or not students think they would benefit by having the extra resources for their assignments.

This mod library would exist to give students a variety of characters to use and further modify, for personal projects and class assignments.

Students are not obligated to share their mods.

Many students spend a great deal of time modding and consider their mods a piece of personal art that they have created to make their reel stand out. It is perfectly understandable if someone does not want to share this kind of work in a public library.

The library would be available to any Academy student who wishes to use it as a resource, whether or not they choose to contribute to the library's collection.

That said, please post any questions, concerns or general comments on the subject here for all to read.



  1. Re-posted from "Welcome to the AAU Animation Club Blog!" comments:

    edj said...

    Although no one is obligated to share his/her Norman mods, I really don't see the point of keeping them private. The Normal rig is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 Unported License which means it can't be used unless attribution is made to the original creator. Mods can't be used commercially, nor can they be passed on to others unless under the same license.

    Someone took the time to create a solid rig which has helped and continues help countless people to learn about animation and rigging, and then was generous enough to set it free on the net. To keep Norman mods to ourselves goes against this spirit. It isn't exactly plagiarism, but I wouldn't say it's exactly honorably either.

    Norman came out of an academic setting, and when we use him, it should be in the spirit of the free exchange of knowledge. I think we should save our reptilian-brain, resource-guarding instincts for after graduation.
    July 31, 2009 10:40 PM

  2. Hello, folks!
    I'm working on a mel script to modify Norman.
    Using the mel, we can use High-res modeling for Norman. I've already released first version,however, I thought it is good to have some fuctions for paint skin weight. The second version will be released soon. THere are some limitation using Norman rig for another modeling. for example, Norman's feet aren't easy to change its size. anyway, I think this mel will be helpful for some folks. :)
    take a look at here my website.

  3. Nice stuff Joey! I can't wait to give it a try.

    - Vaughan

  4. It's a good idea to have a library! It will give us more time to animate instead of spending too much time on modding