Friday, April 4, 2014

Morpheus is Naked and I'm Sick of it

Good morning, internet! It's a brand new day and Tea Time has finally branched out of our little world of text-based communication and brought you this: Clothing Morphus: Tea Time's first ever 'How To' Video Tutorial!

In your reel, through recruiter's eyes, though it should come down to beautiful animation - it's super helpful to make unique characters that will stand out among the throngs of Morpheus after Norman after Morpheus again. I know that sculpting and rigging your own brand new characters isn't, generally, a viable option, but making sure that your free rig is not wearing that damn unitard is a nice step towards diversity.

Difficulties? Bugs? Questions? Feedback of any sort? 
Please post to our official resource thread here.
You can also find the 'Molina' fully wrapped morphy mod wearing clothes on Tea Time's Official Resources Page, along with some other great stuff from our growing library.

Happy Animating.

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  1. thank you! this has been a great help

  2. Thank you so very much Lana! I just dressed my character and it works like a charm! I actually worked with Morpheus 2.0. The only thing is that when I rendered a still after I wrapped the clothes to the geo, the body would not show. But then I went back to the geo attributes and over the render stats checked all the visibility options. So far so good and will start animating shortly!