Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Opportunity Knocking

Prepare yourselves for the first
Townhall meeting of the Spring Semester!

Townhall meeting? What is that!

The Townhall meeting is the rare opportunity to have students, faculty and high-ups from HQ all in the same room together in order to discuss department related news and concerns.

Why should I care?

Although there are other avenues available to students to have their cries heard, this is one of the only chances we get to tackle them face-to-face with almost everyone it could possibly concern. Class sizes too big? No meeting space available? Unsatisfied with an educator? Come tell somebody about it! As much good as whining behind closed doors does (which is none), there is no reason to let your voice go unheard! So please, join us on Thursday and help your school work for you!*

Not in town? Feel free to e-mail your suggestions to us at

Is there something else I should care about?

There certainly is! Tea Time animation takes pride in giving back to our local and global community though volunteering our helpful hands at Clean Team. Please refer to the following poster for dates, and follow us on Facebook for pickup times and locations!

*Note: If you've got a problem, do try and also come up with a plausible solution to propose! Simply whining about it to teachers won't do a lot. Ideas, suggestions and critique should be brought up in a calm and professional manor. 

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