Thursday, January 10, 2013

Choose Your Own Adventure!

Happy New Year, Tea Time!
I certainly hope that everyone is enjoying their unrealistically long break so far. (AAU students, at least)

In light of the upcoming semester, with so many new students joining us from the Bay Area and beyond, I'd just like to invite everyone to submit (via comment, e-mail or the Facebook group) anything and everything they'd like to see out of Tea Time this Spring.

AAU Student? What sort of lectures or activities are you interested in?
Bay Area but not AAU affiliated? What sort of plans would you like to see set motion to get you involved in this community?
Online member? What more would you like to see from your online community?

Let us know to serve you better!

PS: Keep your eyes peeled tomorrow for Joey's Norman Modification tutorial -- including a link to download the base mesh!

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