Sunday, July 8, 2012

Beast it!

Hey all you TeaTime folk.  If you haven't seen it, then get up and go!

Anywho. Let me catch up on the last two weeks.
The Production Pipeline
Here are some handy dandy resources....

A succinct article on the CG  process with examples that may help to illustrate what we discussed...

And it always helps to know where your producer is coming from.  Get an in depth look in this book!
Which can also be found in the school library.

This past Friday, we also brought Andy Wood in to talk a bit about the collaboratives we have going on right now at AAU.

If you want to be involved with collaborative projects, it's best to know what it is you like to do.  Folks are looking for people with specific skills.  So maybe wait until the end of your second year if you are the freshest of the fresh.

If you know what you do!
Talk to George Pafnutieff, our Undergraduate Associate Director
Talk to Andy Wood, one of our student Producers
Talk to the upperclassmen or anyone who seems to be really involved
Talk to your Student Representatives, new ones will be in place in Fall.
Come to Animation Club, where we will constantly harp on you all to join a collaborative.

Visit VFX GATEWAY to see what's going on in our department.
Note: It will be under brief renovations soon.

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