Tuesday, May 15, 2012

New Class - Fundamentals of Animation

Amazing news, everyone. Remember all those lectures we covered this semester at Tea Time? You finally have the opportunity to apply those skills -- for credit!

Due to the collective push from the students in the animation department, AAU is finally giving in and providing it's students with the class they've asked for, and it's been approved to run starting this summer!

It's called ANM499 - 3F Fundamentals of Animation. 

It is a 3D animation course focused on building a solid set of foundational skills based on the 12 principles of Animation. In-class exercises include Graph Editor drills, best practices from planning to polish, and carefully guided demonstrations. Especially useful for students struggling with basic physics and mechanics of animation. (AKA: Tea Time, the class)

For those of you who are just starting to branch out into the 3D world, this is a great place to start. Me, along with many other students have had a direct hand in the preparations and development in this class, so you know it's what we've all been asking for. One catch...

There needs to be at least FIVE students signed up by May 18th or the class WILL NOT RUN.

I know there's a lot of us sticking around this summer, and if you are, I'd HIGHLY suggest taking us up on this opportunity. Show AAU we're serious about change. Talk to Brian Schirmer in the 3rd floor office to sign up.

Finally, a big thanks to Dave Latour who is truly the mastermind behind putting this together for us. The care and connection he has for our student body is irreplaceable and we owe him a great debt of gratitude for helping our cries to finally be heard. Thank you.


  1. That looks like a fantastic class. I think anyone at any level could benefit from it. Striving to master the fundamentals will get you more mileage in the long run.

  2. I got to look at the syllabus. This class should be really good for a variety of people.

  3. I'm really excited to have an opportunity to teach this class. A huge thank you to all the students that offered their insight and feedback. Any questions about the course - have folks email me directly at dlatour@academyart.edu.

    Thanks for posing.

    David Latour

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