Monday, October 11, 2010

Town Hall in a Nutshell

Hey Everybody,

In case you missed the town hall are a few important tidbits.

Take note of the legendary posters around the lab of Jason Patnode. If you are trying to join a collaborative or if you want to be involved but aren't sure where you might fit in make an appointment to see Jason in Nettie and Brian's office during business hours.

VFX Gateway is the best way to stay up on department news and ALL of the collaborative projects.

On that note, email updates from the Gateway might be blasting soon so stay tuned. It might be going to your AAU email so if you don't want that, go onto SSS and change your contact email to the one that you actually use. Be prepared to receive academy emails though...

Think of some SOLUTIONS for trying to manage the busy hours at the lab...

Dila (VFX) and Mandy (ANM) are the undergrad reps. Naudia is the grad rep. Need info, have ideas, or concerns about the department? They're always in the lab somewhere.

Going to CTN? Buy your ticket and book your hotel NOW. Sign up right away in Nettie and Brian's office if you want to take the bus.

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