Wednesday, March 10, 2010

JD Lecture Postponed, Robert Steele talk this Friday!

Sorry guys, due to some family concerns JD can't make it out this Friday. We will be rescheduling with JD, likely for next week. Just stay tuned for the update.

However we're in luck, our very own Robert Steele has graciously offered to drop in and give us a talking to. Join the Club for an eye opening talk this Friday at 8:30pm in the 79 Theater.

Bob Steele is a current full time faculty at the Academy and a great guy to ask questions to about story, storyboarding, layout, camera, preproduction and portfolio concerns, among other things. Come with questions and a sense of humor. He'll give you some straight answers and very likely some good stories.

Robert Steele's professional background includes: Working as Art Director and Computer Animator for various video game companies such as Sega Technical Institute, Captivation Digital Laboratories, Full-On Amusement Company Blizzard Entertainment, and Virgin Entertainment.

Project credits include Diablo 2, Diehard Arcade, ComicZone, Robocop vs. Terminator, and Disney’s The Jungle Book video games.

He also produced Commercial Animatics and Storyboards at Jim Keeshen Studios in Los Angeles, California and was a Storyboard Artist for the Widget and Mr. Bogus animated television series for Calico Creations.

He was Producer on animated short, “Monkey Love " at Jim Keeshen Studios which was a Nominee for Animated Short Film ASIFA 1996 and recipient of the Golden Gate Award, San Francisco Independent Film Festival, 1997.

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