Wednesday, November 11, 2009

CTN Animation Expo: Group BUS Update

The Price of Bus Seats is officially down and the cost per seat is just $30. That's the round-trip fare to take the AAU Bus down to Burbank, CA.

Our HUGE THANKS to Director Sherrie H. Sinclair who made the buses possible!

For those who have NOT yet signed up and emailed Ting about a bus seat, the sign-up info below is for you!

By commenting below. And we will give you our email so you can send your Name, Student ID number and Phone number to get on our Bus List.

PAYMENT: Due by 5pm THIS Friday. You can pay our good man Brian Schirmer at Room #301, on the 3rd floor of the 180 building. You will receive a waiver to sign when you pay for your seat. Once you commit to going and pay for your seat, we cannot refund your money should you drop out.

Meet to BOARD the BUSES: At Midnight on Thursday, Nov. 19th, outside of the 180 building.

Pack light, its a short visit!

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