Wednesday, September 30, 2009

What's Cookin' on the back burner

An animation community Events Calendar:
Listing Free days at museums around town, ASIFA and ACM SIGGRAPH meetings, as well as special events.

A Night Program (?!)
Once a week, in the evening, after classes are done for the day... we'll get together all ninja-like in one of the classrooms and have a "Best of " showing. Everyone who comes should contribute with a link, file or DVD of the best animation or animation related video they've seen that day, week, month, year, etc. This additional weekly event should exist to provide the group with added discussion, ideas, questions, comments and inspiration.

Field Trips:
We plan on scheduling group trips to the events and museums. Speaking of which, we're all very excited about the new Disney Museum in the Presido, which opens this Thursday. We hear it is worth several day trips and will blow your socks off!

We also foresee putting together bigger group road trips for things like SIGGRAPH.

At the moment we're all buzzing about Animation Expo which is happening soon: Nov. 20-22 2009. Club members definitely want to go and volunteer to work at the event (free admission for volunteers!). If you're interested, go over to the Volunteer Page and sign up TODAY. They are still short on volunteers at the moment, but you'll have to sign up quickly to secure your free admission to the event.

The question now is how we all want to get down there -carpool? Bus? And where we'll stay while we're there for about 3 days. If we can get club funding for a bus or lodging, we will post that info here ASAP, for now though it's up to us, so...

Comment if you'll be going!


  1. been to the disney museum on the preview weekend...more than willing to go again.

    and the volunteer link points to the wrong is the actual link :

    and im all for the best of the week screenings.

  2. Thanks for the correction Vvek! :)

  3. Ting Tey here, I talked to George about this, we are going around the campus to gather the name list up on Thursday. We are hoping to get more people in by next Wednesday to discuss better too. I also gotten news that the 2D department guys are interested in joining us.

    Can I have the contact on who is running this club's blog as well? From what I know right now, we are trying to find out how many people will be interested so we can take the name list up to the administration to propose the trip at the moment.

    Thanks and best regards,

  4. Hi Ting,
    I run the blog. Emailing you now!


  5. Mandy here,
    I just heard back from expo this morning about volunteering. seems like they still need people... count me in por favor!